Floor & Roof Strainer

   Floor & Roof Strainer

B022-SU(2″ – 3″)
Stainless Floor Strainer
B023-SU(2″ – 3″)
Stainless Roof strainer
P063-CPP(White) P063-P1(Ivory – White)
P063-P4(Ivory) P063-P5(Blue)
P063-P7(Red Maroon) P063-P8(Green)



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Wall Bath & Shower Mixer Bath Accessories Flexible Hose Mirror Self
Basin Faucets Basin Drainage Bath Tub & Sauna Solar Water Heater
Kitchen Sink Faucets Shower Kitchen Sink
Wall Faucets Wall Valve Urinal & Tasin
Plastic Series Floor & roof Strainer Counter Wash Basin; Tasin

Design & patent registred in Indonesia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia And Philiphines
Counterfeiting of this products would be penalized by law

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